Commercial Portfolio

New Build House - OC Architects in Wiltshire & Swindon

House Developers

We have a good track record of obtaining planning consent and we work very closely with developers to maximise their return on their investment. Our clients range from large developers such as Barratts to niche developers. We can also provide site assessment advice.

Sample project
Augusta Park Community Hall - OC Architects in Wiltshire & Swindon


We have completed over £4M worth of community projects. Our buildings are designed to be highly flexible, secure, low maintenance and designed with civic pride in mind. If your community is looking for a new facility and need advice, please contact us.

Veterinary Clinics - OC Architects in Wiltshire & Swindon


A good design means higher retail profits. An example of this is Vet Clinic, quoted as the most avant-garde veterinary practice around and nominated for awards. The project has also been a great financial success for the client.

BBC TV south west 3D walk through
French Dwelling Listed Stables - OC Architects in Wiltshire & Swindon

Listed building

Creating new and exciting spaces within these buildings is challenging. Technical knowledge sympathetic, design and being able to negotiate practical solution are our key listed building strengths.

listed Building Example
Special Needs Unit - OC Architects in Wiltshire & Swindon

Fits out and Refurbishments

We have complete strip-out of dilapidated buildings and converted them into a high quality building that exceeded client's expectations.

Sport and Lesuire - OC Architects in Wiltshire & Swindon

Sport and Leisure

We design for pleasure and leisure and for the pain and gain of sport. We have undertaken work from spar to sport pavilions.

Factory Design - OC Architects in Wiltshire & Swindon

Factories and offices

We are commercially orientated architects, and as such have undertaken bespoke offices, to new factories. deep refurbishment, site optimisation, space planning and more. We can also provide the one-shop approach to these types of projects.

Colleges of Further Education - OC Architects in Wiltshire & Swindon

Public Sector Education

We have considerable repeat business experience in the educational work. This trainee hair salon was one of many types of buildings that we have completed in this sector. In addition to exceptionally high design standards, these projects are cost and time sensitive. Other considerations such as durability and future proofing are also key factors.

Residential works - OC Architects in Wiltshire & Swindon

Bespoke Residential works

The architect's strength is to see the big picture and find inspiring solutions. Our fees relative to the build cost are small, our impact large.