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Architectural Services

We can provide a one stop service, taking you through the design process into the production information stage and on site. Drawing upon our experience of tried and tested solutions based upon previous successful projects, as architects our aim is to guide you through these stages with the least possible stress.

We provide a wide range of services which cover most client's needs. Our key strengths are not building type driven but process driven. Good architects are analytical. The three most important services we provide are listening, understanding and providing solutions. We work with a wide range of consultants which enable us to leverage their skills and bind them into a well-rounded design team.

Our approach is collaborative, we work with many organisations contractors and alike to produce client-facing solutions.

We are SME and it is a major reason for our repeat business. We have greater flexibility in approach and determination than our larger rivals. This combined with lower overheads allows us to plough back a greater proportion of our fees in to the design.

Please note clients who now commission construction works small or large will now have to appoint or take on the role of Principle Designer under health and safety regulations. OC Architects can also be appointed as principle designer.

  • Refurbisment - Architectural Services


    Refurbishment and changing the use of a building done correctly can transform a building, its financial fortune and the live of its users. It is also on balance a cost effective solution and where green credentials are important it scores well. However refurbishment is tricky and experience count. Because of the work we have done and our reputation a high proportion is repeat business refurbishment work. One of the benefits of using an architect is design pays.

  • Design Architects - Architectural Services

    design architects

    Design, first Impressions matters; standard architect's drawings can be hard to read. We use the latest 3D design programme so that you can engage in the design process. See it, walk through it and contribute at every level before it is built. We can also leverage the technology and collaborate with consultants to produce integrated design models.This gives the client confidence that his consultant's work is coordinated and speeds up the design process.

  • Building Sectors - Architectural Services

    Building Sectors

    Our key sector of work are in education, community, special needs, leisure sport facilities, nursing and retirement homes, bespoke houses, medical and veterinary practices. We also work on housing association projects, flats, industrial buildings and HMOs and we are Eco-friendly architects. As residential or school architects we have refubishment under belt. If the project you have in mind is not within this list or you just need advice, please call us.

  • Documents and Construction - Architectural Services

    documents & Construction

    The devil is in the detail. Most of our projects are from the design stage to practical completion, so we can draw on great experience in preparing production information and contract documents. We work collaboratively with contractors drawing on their experience at the design stage to achieve the best solutions. When appointed as contract administrator or as party wall surveyor, through a position of independence and skill we afford the parties the proper safeguards that they seek.